Easy Peasy Wallpaper

Having a gorgeous bedroom is so important, if your bedroom is a bit grim you feel grim for the day, so what better way to jazz it up then with a RubyFab wall  make-over!!

All you have to do is "invest" in some cheap wallpaper of your favourite print, and some Blu-Tac!! It IS that easy!!

Here is my old (boring as shite) wall:

My best friend, Amy, getting busy getting the DIY wallpaper ready:

Professional Wallapaper-er Amy gets to work:

so easy and so fast!


Amy and I had some well deserved drinks to celebrate our good work :)

make sure, if you do this, that you get drunk afterwards and high five your D.I.Y efforts!

: ) x

London Life

ATTENTION all RUBYFAB readers, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts, life has been rather up in the air as of late, I've recently moved to London and been busy getting settled in my new job and new home.

I finally have the energy to get back on the fab buzz so HURRAH!! :D