Vintage Sunday

Today I went to Clontarf Castle for the vintage fair. It was our friend Sandra's birthday, and we had such a lovely day out. There was so many bargains, I couldn't believe it!!

We love a bit of turban!

I adored these little jugs..

This sparkly collar was to die for, it was €25 though. NO THANKS. 


Here I am, loving the collar. 

Tacky but fantastic!

So cute!

New obsession is clip on earrings!

Laura wearing these gorgeous ones for only €7!

Ice cream and sunshine :)

These are my purchases of the day:


All these books for €10!!

I got this pendant which is the exact same one as the "Me & Zena" style seen here worn by Ellie Goulding for €5:

These clip-ons were also €5, perfect for summer!

: ) x


Beaux Bows

Beaux Bows is a completely gorgeous little shop owned be the even more gorgeous Ailbhe Stafford located in Georges Street Arcade, today celebrates the one year anniversary of her shop, stocking clothing from my faves Lazy Oaf and Salty Philip. I caught up with Ailbhe to have a little chat with her in celebration of Beaux Bows birthday.

Hey Ailbhe! So when did you decide you wanted to own your own shop??

Well I studied History of Art and English in UCD and always wanted to own my own Art gallery, but then the 2009 recession happened and I ended up in retail, I worked in Topshop in the concession Upper 5th, I worked in Om Diva too and that lead onto me wanting to start up my own place, I looked at loads of suppliers that I liked online and thought to myself 'I can do this', and I did, I had the shop opened within 3 months of the initial idea. 
I had loads of savings so I used the money from that to start things up, my family were also a massive help to me, my Dad is very business minded and he called the letting agencies for me. It's mad, I'd call up the letting agents and they wouldn't take me seriously, then my Dad would call them and they would be all up for meeting with him and showing him properties. My Mum helps so much too, she comes in and works in the shop sometimes with me and we have so much fun!

My plans now are to expand the shop and open the upstairs part, I'm really looking forward to it. I'm really proud of myself for doing this, it's kind of a way of expressing myself too, like I don't have my own apartment so the decor in the shop is totally me, from everything to the merchandising to the window displays. 
Every time I order stock I only order a select amount, like 6-10 of each item, so they are pretty unique to Dublin. 

Make sure to go, support young Irish women doing something for themselves, and buy loads of lovely things for yourself!

Beaux Bows is located in 21-22 Georges Street Arcade, Drury Street, Dublin 2.

Happy Birthday Beaux Bows and well done Ailbhe!

: ) x


Cupcake Cupache

My life has been surrounded by cupcakes recently, I just got a new job as the manager of a cupcake shop in Dublin, Lolly and Cooks,  and everywhere I look I see cupcakes! Hence why it's time for some CUPCAKE NAILS!!

I could of gone very fancy on these bad boys but as I said, I am the manager so time is tight for me recently!

Ok so fist of all you need 3 pastel shades of polish and one red/plum colour:

Most of these polished are from the Pound Shop, you don't have to go fancy for these!

Pick the colour you want as the base of your cake and paint HALF-WAY down the nail:

(very vile looking)

Now pick the colour you'd like for your icing and literally blob it on, be as messy as you like, if it's in a straight line it WILL look shite:

Do two layers of the icing for a more realistic effect.

Now time for some detail, the sprinkles! I found the best way to add little lines was to use the plastic from a price tag:

Using the thin end dip, it in the colour you want for your sprinkles and brush in different directions over your icing:

(sorry for the shit pic)

Ok finally you can add your cherry on top with one bigger blob! 

unrealllll! and for some other spins on cupcake nails here is some inspiration:

:) x