Pearl Drops Heaven

I have discovered a seriously amazing product! my pal Laura (previous Rubyfab contributor) came round to my house the other night, we did what we always do, get OVERLY glam and take photos of ourselves. She's working in beauty PR and gets quite a lot of little freebies, amongst the mountain of stuff she brought over was this little gift from heaven:

Now I'm not really one to complain of having yellow teeth, I don't smoke and I have one coffee a day but HOLY GOD did this stuff work, I can't recommend it enough. Here are my tooths now:

RUBYFAB TIP: My Papas best pal is a dentist, and he told me the best way to keep your teeth white is not to rinse after you brush your teeth. Literally Brush, Spit and go to bed. 

Sparkle Sparkle.

Dublin to London

So as some of you may of noticed, I haven't updated this in a long time, this is due to a few facts:
1) I got bored of talking about my nails.
3) I work my lil ass off every day and barely have the energy to open my laptop.

But NO MORE to this! RUBYFABULOUS is back, but this time from the UK. I'll be creeping for style icons, looking for the best place to find a bargain and updating you on any hints and tips I get my hands on. Make sure to check back for new little bits of info, and don't forget to like RubyFabulous on Facebook too!

Adios Amigos