Pearl Drops Heaven

I have discovered a seriously amazing product! my pal Laura (previous Rubyfab contributor) came round to my house the other night, we did what we always do, get OVERLY glam and take photos of ourselves. She's working in beauty PR and gets quite a lot of little freebies, amongst the mountain of stuff she brought over was this little gift from heaven:

Now I'm not really one to complain of having yellow teeth, I don't smoke and I have one coffee a day but HOLY GOD did this stuff work, I can't recommend it enough. Here are my tooths now:

RUBYFAB TIP: My Papas best pal is a dentist, and he told me the best way to keep your teeth white is not to rinse after you brush your teeth. Literally Brush, Spit and go to bed. 

Sparkle Sparkle.

Dublin to London

So as some of you may of noticed, I haven't updated this in a long time, this is due to a few facts:
1) I got bored of talking about my nails.
3) I work my lil ass off every day and barely have the energy to open my laptop.

But NO MORE to this! RUBYFABULOUS is back, but this time from the UK. I'll be creeping for style icons, looking for the best place to find a bargain and updating you on any hints and tips I get my hands on. Make sure to check back for new little bits of info, and don't forget to like RubyFabulous on Facebook too!

Adios Amigos



Easy Peasy Wallpaper

Having a gorgeous bedroom is so important, if your bedroom is a bit grim you feel grim for the day, so what better way to jazz it up then with a RubyFab wall  make-over!!

All you have to do is "invest" in some cheap wallpaper of your favourite print, and some Blu-Tac!! It IS that easy!!

Here is my old (boring as shite) wall:

My best friend, Amy, getting busy getting the DIY wallpaper ready:

Professional Wallapaper-er Amy gets to work:

so easy and so fast!


Amy and I had some well deserved drinks to celebrate our good work :)

make sure, if you do this, that you get drunk afterwards and high five your D.I.Y efforts!

: ) x

London Life

ATTENTION all RUBYFAB readers, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts, life has been rather up in the air as of late, I've recently moved to London and been busy getting settled in my new job and new home.

I finally have the energy to get back on the fab buzz so HURRAH!! :D




Today RubyFabulous got some media exposure. Here I am in Image Magazine.

Email me for autograph signings if you like :P



We all love a bit of glitz and glam and I may be the biggest sicker for a sparkly nail, but lets face it girls, glitter nail polish is a nightmare to get off. It takes way too long and in the end you want to throw any polish you have that may even have a slight shimmer as far down the street as you can. 

I've got a wonderfully easy way to remove it!

You'll need:
- Cotton Pads
- Nail Polish Remover (DUH)
- Tinfoil

(before.... looking at these made me want to remove all fingers)

Cotton pads, you need 2/3 per hand..

rip them into halves or thirds..

SOAK them in nail polish remover, like so it's dripping wet..

cover the nail and cotton wool with tinfoil...


(leave for 2 minutes)


hurrrraaahhh the nightmare is finally over!!

Daisy Nailsy

With the coming of summer (as much of a summer as one can get in Ireland) I've decided to do some floral nails, and not just any floral, daisies! These nails took me 10 minutes to do and lasted the whole weekend!

All you need is: blue, white and yellow nail polish:

(these are the cheapest I could get)

One cotton bud:

( the best way to get even dots on the nails, instead of using a nail art pen, is to take the wool off the end of a cotton bud, this way you get perfect circles )

So I painted my nails blue first:

Then using the plastic end of the cotton bud, dip it in the yellow polish first and dot on SPARINGLY (too many dots means too many flowers, and it looks shite)

Finally, add 4/5 white dots around the yellow, make sure you let the yellow dry first!

Gorge Daisy nails!!

:) enjoy the summer! x


Atelier 27 // Om Diva

Last week I was invited to attend a fashion show showcased by Atelier 27 and Om Diva, the shop is located on Drury Steet, and my god did those ladies do us proud! The shop itself looked incredible from the moment you arrived, with flowers supplied by Appassionata and individual designers pieces dotted around the shop, I was already in heaven!

We were greeted with champagne and strawberries!! WAY TO MY HEART <3

The fashion show was held in the loft of the store, Ruth and the girls did an amazing job and getting the place ready, so impressed!

As you can see on the seats WE ALL GOT A GOODIE BAG!! (you know how I love my free stuff)

I went for a wander around the shop while I was waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive. It really was the sweetest store I have been in in such a long time, even the loo had me swooning!

The night had music by Chewy and the special guest was the Lord Mayor of Dublin, I was EXTREMELY jealous of his bling. 

We all took our seats and the fashion show began, the music was incredible and the models looked so great! my favourite was the clothing by De Loup, with tie-dye and studding it was right up my street. A really cool touch was that all the models had something neon on them all the time, mainly a neon streak in their hair, which I thought looked really awesome.

Some of the best bits of the goody bag included: 

The whole night was a success and I was so proud of all the hard work everyone put in, it really shows when individuals that are passionate about a field of interest come together they can really make something special.

Well done to EVERYONE involved!! 

: ) x