Fabulous Festival Feet!

Festival season is upon us at last - WOOHOO! With so many good gigs on in Ireland this summer to cater for everyone's music taste I thought I'd share an extremely simple tip that can brighten up any festival outfit. Let's face it, we still want to look unreal (even if we are covered in sweat and booze). 

First things first, for fabulous festival feet you will need to have your toenails painted a nice vibrant colour. Perhaps even paint each toenail a different colour, or do some nail art. Whatever your nail polish preference just make sure it's nice and colourful. You'll also need to grab some fab sandles (mine are from Penneys -€6).

Now here's the simple secret - to add a splash of colour and fun, take a trip to your nearest dress making shop (Hickey's or The Woollen Mills are perfect) and buy a few euro worth of coloured ribbon. You could  go for candy shades, patterned ribbon or bold colours like me. Wrap the ribbon around your ankle and cut excess ribbon accordingly.Tie the ribbon around your ankle in a tight bow. You can make the bow as big or as small as you like. You could have more than one ribbon around your ankle if you want to exaggerate the look.

Laura x


A Surprising Eye Primer!

 Given that us Ruby Fab girls are such party animals, we really need our make up to last as long as possible  so we don't look like complete ROTSERS at the end of a night out. Sometimes we just don't have the dosh to splash out on expensive eye primers, so whilst experimenting one day I found that my old reliable lip product doubled up as an unbelievable eye primer - voilĂ ! 

The Body Shop's Coconut Lip Butter, doesn't only make your lips FAB it also smells divine. It is a moist product, so when using this as an eye primer only barely run your finger on its surface to apply on the eye lid. 

Once you have a very thin layer of the lip butter on your eyes simply apply your eye shadow of choice. Not only does your eye shadow stay on longer, but the colour appears more intense and there is an added  shimmer - hooray! If you are going to experiment with lip product as eye primer I would advise avoiding lip gloss (too sticky) and Vaseline (too oily). Stick with water or butter based moisturising lip product. This is by far the best product I have tried though. 

Not bad for a product that costs around €5 and makes both your eyes and lips fabulous!

<3 Laura


Love for Lush

Today I took a little trip after work to the nasally stimulating shop that is Lush on Grafton Street. I was on the search for a little treat after a heavy weekend of partying and I wanted something sweet and lovely, I was tempted by the giant bars of soap but none of them were sweet enough for me. (this coming from a girl that works all day with cupcakes, how can I not have reached my sugar fill?!). A really wonderfully helpful girl was right to my aid showing me the sweetest shower gels available, this one, called "It's Raining Men" its made of 80% Honey. I couldn't wait to get home and have a good scrub, and my God I cannot recommend this enough! Firstly the fact that Lush products are not tested on animals is a major win for me, this made my shower guilt free, there are no rotten chemicals in the products so I used it all over, including my face. 5 hours later, my skin is still moisturized and smelling of honey. For anyone that's looking for a shower gel with a long lasting girly scent I recommend this ten fold. For just under €10 it's worth it, believe me. 

Fingers crossed with this new honey skin of mine it really will start raining men ;)

Jess : ) x


Valuable Vogue

Myself and Jess at the Ruby Fabulous factory love Vogue as much as the next fashionista, but let's face it - it's seldom (never!) we can afford the clothes that are showcased in this world-renowned glossy. That's why we LOVE their supplement - More Dash than Cash. This supplement comes with all of the glamour and 'oohs and aahs' as the original Vogue without the outrageous price tag on the clothes it displays.

HnM, River Island, Miss Selfridge, and ASOS are amongst some of our fave brands on show in the May edition. They do stand beside some of the 'high end high street brands' like Reiss, Karen Millen and French Connection. The thing I love most about this supplement is that it compacts the season's key designer looks in a comprehensive guide and highlights where on the high street you can embrace these trends for less!

The May edition of More Dash than Cash looks at Burberry's Tribal Tech trend, Phillip Lim's Candy Colours, Prada's Retro Americana and Louise Vuitton's Decorative Day looks. It's the perfect shopping companion for any handbag! It gives any shopper the right inspiration and round-up of the latest trends whether you are spending your money in Topshop, HnM, Penneys or even in the second hand or vintage shops.

Also we <3 the cover model from the May edition; Nyasha Matonhodze. She is FAB.

Strike a pose and Vogue!