In aid of all the hard work and facial hair growing the boys of Ireland have been doing I decided to do some movember nails :)

ALSO men are actual rides with moustaches. I support Movember 100% !!

now to be honest for this I just had to find a video of how to do the moustache so instead of me trying to recreate it heres the video:

Heres how mine turned out:

it took me about 5 minutes to do! so nice!!
: ] x

Don't forget, Movember is all in aid to raise awareness about cancer, it's still not too late to donate:


DIY Dry Shampoo

If you like me and hear your alarm go off in the morning and think "I really should get up and have a shower, sure 20 more minutes won't matter, my hair will be grand one more day", you press snooze and of course 20 minutes later you are RAGING with yourself because your is like wet spaghetti, well dry shampoo is your new best mate!

You can buy dry shampoo in most chemists and they are approx €2 a can:

This brand is the best and smells yummy!

BUT!!!!!..... incase you run out or can't get to a chemist in time I have a DIY option:

For Blonde hair, trusted Johnston's Baby Power:

(seriously, I should be getting sponsored by them by now :P)

Simply dab a little on the roots of the hair, leave for about 30 seconds, turn your hair upside down and give it a good run through with your fingers, when you flip your head back you will be fresh headed vision of cleanliness!

For Brunettes.. The exact same procedure but this time use BRONZER!! (clever eh?)

*loose bronzing powder is better but this was all I had :(

So enjoy your day of glamourous flowing locks but remember to wash your hair when you get home, 2 days doing this process will leave you with a weird cake scalp. not. attractive.

: ] x


Charity Shopping.

I can not get enough of charity shops, they are in every city and town in Ireland and you never know what you will find.

Today I bought:

Leather Backpack - Sue Ryder Charity Shop - €4

Vest/ Dress - Sue Ryder Charity Shop - €1

Please support your local charity shop!

Big Thank You

to one of my best friends Shane Kenna for making my new logo.

Make sure to check his website:

: ] x


Lola Lola

It is so cold today I can't bear it!! I was in the kitchen making tea when one of my dogs, Lola, came over to me and gave me this look... 

How can I resist that! So off I went to bring Lola out for a walk. 

This was my 'I am freezing but my dog is adorable' outfit:

Hoody dress, American Apparel - €40
Leggings, Penneys - €5

Wooly hat, Vintage market, Barcelona - €1

Boots, Vintage shop, Manchester - £10

A bit boring for me, but it really is TOO COLD!!

: ] x

DIY Falsies

As we all know, wearing false eyelash's are a total pain in the arse. With all the glue, getting them on straight, and the hassle of the dreaded removal.. all a nightmare!! And lets get real girls, none of us look like Cheryll Cole when we wear them (although I'm sure some of us feel like we do after a few glasses of VINO)

So heres a tip my Granny told me:

All you need is Johnston's Baby Powder, or any cheap baby powder you can get your hands on:

Now basically all you need to do is put your mascara on as normal and WHILE ITS WET dab as much baby powder onto your eyelash's as possible.
  I mean until its all over your cheeks. go mental!

You'll end up looking like this:

( I have only done one eye to show the comparison, not going for a "clockwork orange" look)

looking like a complete MANIAC!

OK so let this dry, and repeat THE WHOLE PROCESS, so mascara over talcum powder eyelash's, then while wet more powder...

Leave them to dry and then add your final mascara layer.... AND THATS IT!



Bandeau Bandon't.

I spent 2 hours scouring the shops for a nice bandeau bra to wear last night and I literally couldn't find a thing. I'm not very well blessed in the chestal area so I normally need a bandeau with some support so the thing doesn't fall right off me so I decided to do a little DIY.

For this all you need is:

One faithful strapless bra:

(Penneys - €7)

And one LONG headscarf:

(Penneys - €2)

So all you have to do is:
- Pop your bra on 
- Take the scarf and wrap it around the bra and tie a tight knot (don't want to be exposing the nips aye)
- Tuck the loose ends behind the bra strap.
- Use a small piece of string, or a hair bobbin and between the boobs hold the scarf together and tie the string around both the scarf and the bra, this gives a loveheart shape and the illusion of some form of breast.


Ready for a night out on the town : ]



Pals in New York

I woke up this morning with America on my mind, I spoke to an old friend last night, she had lived in New York all summer and was missing it so much, so I decided on an I <3 NY style day, in dedication to my 'little sis' :] x

Here's my look: 

Sweater from Topshop - €32
Tights from Penneys - €2 
Shorts from Forever 21 - €12

Candy hair colours bought in Leeds.

(sorry about the mess of my bedroom, moving from Barcelona to Ireland is not an easy task)

Make Up inspiration for today is Iggy Azalea <3

(scrunchy face of course)

ALSO! I just realised my sweater is a copy from The Prodigy's "Firestarter" :O

My tip is to always invest in a statement piece, its great to have all your basics but for days when your feeling fun having a mental sweater or some gold hoops and a bandana can totally   lift your mood. Don't be afraid to dress how you like, anybody that has something bad to say is a waste of time. Be happy and dress like a nutcase!

:] x


Panda Eyes

Vaseline has been my tried and tested and '100% never fails me' eye make up remover for life. Waterproof mascara, glue from false eyelashes, you name it, Vaseline gets it off. I'ts really easy on your skin and an old urban legend is that putting a tiny bit on your eyelashes before you go asleep helps them grow longer.
WIN WIN SITUATION! So no need to splash out on fancy eye make up remover when you can get your vaseline out of the press and give that a go!


Holy Moly

Incase you've been living under a pile of blankets with a blindfold on all summer you may have noticed that crosses have taken over every aspect of everything. So i decided to do some cross themed nails. 

Everything I used was all super cheap stuff and this was the outcome.. 

  1. Make sure before doing the polish you buff your nails, if they are too shiny the nail polish will crack off easily, buffing them means that the polish has something to hold onto.
  2. Always use a base coat, this stops your nails getting stained from wearing too much polish.
  3. Always do 2 coats of your base colour, this base colour is from Penneys and is quite washed out looking on just one coat. better safe then sorry!
  4. Wait until your nails are totally dry before adding the glitter, to check if they are totally dry dab them with the tip of a pin, if you can see the marks of the pin then your nails are still wet!
  5. doing the cross is easy now, just use a house hold permanent marker, or better yet if you have it liquid eyeliner, try make the lines as straight as possible , when it's done spray your cross with hairspray, this holds the pattern down!
  6. one top coat is all thats needed to stick your jewels on, I find using a tweezers the best to add jewels on, but don't try grab them with the tweezers, they will pop away, simply lick the end of the tweezers and use it to dab onto the jewels, they stick to your spit and BAM, you can stick them straight onto your nails.
  7. when its all dry do one final topcoat and there you are. Fab nails!

Pink nail polish 'Angelica', colour 'Heartbreaker' from Pennys. €2.
Purply 'Hello Kitty' glitter polish from H&M €1
Black permanent marker to do the cross
Nail jewels from the Pound Shop on Liffey Street, Dublin. €1

Total cost €4 and I feel fab.

: ]

Welcome To RubyFabulous

when I was a young girl I was obsessed with anything to do with glamour, jewellery, make up, fashion, accessories, you name it, I was obsessed. I am really close with my Granny and throughout the years she gave me lots of hints and tips and D.I.Y remedies to being as glamourous and as fabulous as possible without spending a bomb. I became really interested in fashion, in individuality, in customization and in innovation. So I decided to set up this blog, of hints, tips, videos, photos, outfits and well anything that I can think of that will help you be as fabulous as physically possible. ENJOY :) x x