Stylish Irish

This week we have the lovely singer/songwriter, Gemma Dunlovely, showing us her outfit for the day.

Vans -  £30 - Resurrection, Liverpool.
Tights - €2 - Pennys
Blue Silk Shirt - €5 - Wildchild Originals
Necklace - €1 - Pennys
Jacket - £10 - Vintage market, Liverpool.
Bag - €16 - Topshop
Hat - €6 - Topman
Rings - Gemmas' Aunties

Representing Irish style in Liverpool, Gemma is studying music and has been performing in both Ireland and the UK for the past 2 years.

Look at her go!

She has also just featured on the new White Collar Boy track:

Ah, sure we love her!

: ) x


Little Surprise

While having one of my usual wanders around town, this time in Carlow, I stumbled upon an adorable Chinese shop called "Little Surprise". It's on Castle Hill right next to Bramley's Jewelers. At the moment there is a 50% off sale and they cover everything! From handbags, pencil cases, stickers, jewelry, you name it they have it. 

One of the items I bought were these cute nail stickers:

Only 80 CENT!! Sure you can't go wrong!

I used this mint coloured nail polish as my base coat:

Then you just peel the stickers off the paper and carefully place them on your nails. Make sure to hold them down and give a good top coat over them to make them last as long as possible.

This is how they turned out:

Lovely! You can't beat the price! Get on down to the shop and pick some up yourself! CUTE!

: ) x


Aunt Olive

My Mamas friend Aunt Olive dropped in this adorable present to the house. A scissors holder and peg bag. How cute! She made them herself using a meter of Kath Kidson Lino!

An adorable scissor holder! she sowed the edges using a sewing machine, and used pinking shears for a frilly effect.

For the peg holder she used the hanger from a bra from Penneys!
Genius! :D

So simple yet so effective!

 even Zoe liked it :) x


Green Tea Toner

Even though I HATE to admit it, I am guilty of one thing....  not following the "proper" skin routine we all are told to do:  

cleanse!! tone!! moisturise!!

It's drilled into us every day. Problem is, can never bring myself to spending a fiver on toner, that's the price of a pint! Fair enough you need cleanser to take your make up off, and moisturiser to feel all soft and baby-bum like, but toner? toner? no! So of course I came up with the DIY option. 

I've been drinking green tea for over 3 years now and know all about its anti-oxidant, anti-aging, purifying and cleansing qualities, thankfully this also works when applying it to the skin. 

I decided to make my own green tea toner!

What you'll need is some green tea:

I have Clippers in my press for €2.50 from Tesco.

An empty jar or spray bottle:

I had this jar from some olives!

Pop 3 tea-bags into the jar and fill with just boiled water:

Leave for approx 15 mins until the water is nearly brownish:

Remove the tea-bags and pop on the lid! Now you have yourself some RubyFabulous Green Tea Toner :D

** make sure the toner in the fridge **

Warning: Some people think green tea smells like seaweed, if you think it smells gross add a couple of drops of tea tree aromatherapy oil and it will smell yummy :)

This is super important because the fresher the tea, the fresher the toning!

That's it, it feels completely amazing, just dab some cotton wool in your water and apply as normal toner. 

Feels fabulous and its all natural!!

: ) x


Stylish Irish

There's one thing I seem to have left out on this site...  that I know most girls love... a nice boy!

and better yet.. a nicely dressed boy!! so the Stylish Irish section has now gone uni-sex, expect me to be out and about in town snapping you all from now on. Be warned!!

(so jealous of the width of his legs)

Daniel Conroy, Dublin.

Vans - Office €35
Jeans - Pennys - €10 (Girls section, knees worn down using a 2 euro coin)
Jacket - Topman - €30 
Bag - - €70
Hat - Supreme Store - €40

Such Great Heights

Platform Converse have been massive in Tokyo recently and are starting to ease their way over this side of the world.

But instead of paying €60 for them online, I found a cheaper place, right in Dublin.

CANS  shoes in Stephens Green Shopping Centre, €20!!

:) x


Stylish Irish

I think it's about time we recognize how many completely stylish, confident and stunning women there are in Ireland today. So this is the first in my new section "Stylish Irish" which celebrates an cailini na hEireann in their full get up.

Amanda Mc Dermott from Dublin.

Shirt - Forever 21- €21
Bow - Belt from a dress - DIY :)
Leggings - Forever 21 - €11
Boots - Street Market, Las Vegas - $10
Bag - River Island - €55

Looking gorgeous!

:) x

January Blues? Sparkly Shoes!

I haven't updated this in a while, I've moved house, started and ended a new job, been doing writing for the lovely site and basically enjoying christmas and new years.

But January has now loomed upon us, and everyone is feeling a little rubbish. What's the next holiday to look forward to? Valentines Day? If you're a single lady like myself that is definitely not a day to look forward to. So what better way to brighten those evening of drowning yourself in red wine then do it with a bit of glitz.

So if you know me by now, you'll know I won't settle for saving every penny I earn to buy one pair of ridiculously priced shoes when you can DO IT YOURSELF!

All you'll need is:

One pair of plain shoes, the comfier the better, when your finished you're gonna love these babies and want to wear them 24/7.

 New Look - €25

you'll need some masking tape:

Art and Hobby Shop, Stephen's Green - €1

Some spray on glue in a can:

Art and Hobby Shop - €13.99

A small pot of your favourite colour glitter:

Art and Hobby Shop - €4.99

One thing you will also need for this, PATIENCE..

So choose the area you want covered in glitter, some people just want the heel, some go for the straps, these shoes are wedges so I wanted the full wedge to be sparkly.

Cover the area you want kept normal with the masking tape, go OTT on this, you can't be too safe, and don't forget to cover the soles of the shoes too!


next is the messy bit:

You need to do this on some newspaper or a black bag, the glitter literally goes EVERYWHERE. 

So lay the shoes down one side at a time, spray the glue on, making sure to cover all the parts you want glitzy, and leave for 5 seconds until the glue is gummy. (it goes kind of white so you'll know when its ready)


Because the glue is gummy you can spread the glue using your finger so it sticks better. 
Leave for about an hour and the repeat on the other side of the shoes...

Don;t forget the front toe and back heel sections.

Leave the shoes overnight somewhere well ventilated, then in the morning bring them outside and give them a good shake and bang them together to get rid of any excess glitter. 

Remove all the masking tape and get ready to feel like a total babe in your new blues bustin shoes.


you can also do your nails while your waiting for the glue to dry :P

And there you go. Happy Sparkly Fabulous Feet :)


:) x