Cheapo Christmas Geansai

HURRAH!! Christmas is upon us again, for those who love the season of fairy lights and tinsel: YAY for you! For those who hate it: get over yourself and COP ON! This is the weekend for the 12 pubs of Christmas pub crawl... DANGEROUS! And you all know it is essential to be in Christmas attire or you will look like a total dry shite.

So its time to crack out the UGLY CHRISTMAS JUMPER!

You can buy one pretty cheap in Dublin City Centre in places like "9 CROWS" in Temple Bar (just behind Urban Outfitters)

or in Se Si facing the main entrance to Urban Outfitters in Temple Bar.

BUT as you know by know, I prefer the DIY option!!

So off I went into town to get my bits...

First stop. .. CAPEL STREET!  by far the best street for second hand shops in the city centre!
I had a good root around and managed to pic up this bad boy..

Then off to our beloved Talbot street for the best range of various pound shops in the planet!!

I went in with the mindset "tacky, tinsel, something ugly"

I didn't want to take a half arsed approach on the whole jumper making process.

I had this image in my mind: (just so you know what mindset I was in)

And here's what I got:

ah we love our poundshops!

all of these cost me in total €3..

The last thing you'll need is safety pins:

O.K so basically you want your jumper to look ugly, thats the point, you will look ugly while doing your bar crawl due to the fact your face has probably imploded with all the baby guiness shots and jagerbombs guzzled down. So the rule for the day is "the uglier the better.."

bang your main centre piece in whatever way you want and secure with safety pin on the inside of the jumper..

shtick on a bit a glitz around the neckline if your looking to score, bit of bling bling you know yourself..

ah and sure fling a bit of tinsel on there too for a bit more glitz to veer the eyes of your potential smooch away from your imploding face and on to your.. eh? wrists? ah yeah!

and there it is, €6 for all that and you can spend the money you saved on loads more pints! WIN WIN!!

haaaaapppy days!


scarlet for her.

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