Green Tea Toner

Even though I HATE to admit it, I am guilty of one thing....  not following the "proper" skin routine we all are told to do:  

cleanse!! tone!! moisturise!!

It's drilled into us every day. Problem is, can never bring myself to spending a fiver on toner, that's the price of a pint! Fair enough you need cleanser to take your make up off, and moisturiser to feel all soft and baby-bum like, but toner? toner? no! So of course I came up with the DIY option. 

I've been drinking green tea for over 3 years now and know all about its anti-oxidant, anti-aging, purifying and cleansing qualities, thankfully this also works when applying it to the skin. 

I decided to make my own green tea toner!

What you'll need is some green tea:

I have Clippers in my press for €2.50 from Tesco.

An empty jar or spray bottle:

I had this jar from some olives!

Pop 3 tea-bags into the jar and fill with just boiled water:

Leave for approx 15 mins until the water is nearly brownish:

Remove the tea-bags and pop on the lid! Now you have yourself some RubyFabulous Green Tea Toner :D

** make sure the toner in the fridge **

Warning: Some people think green tea smells like seaweed, if you think it smells gross add a couple of drops of tea tree aromatherapy oil and it will smell yummy :)

This is super important because the fresher the tea, the fresher the toning!

That's it, it feels completely amazing, just dab some cotton wool in your water and apply as normal toner. 

Feels fabulous and its all natural!!

: ) x


  1. Lovely idea and I love green tea too but be careful to use this within about 3 days as it isn't preserved (water is all natural of course, but so are the things that'll grow in unpreserved products).

  2. Ohhh I can use all my teabags for this after I use them for tea (I don't like my tea too strong) Yayy! :)