Little Surprise

While having one of my usual wanders around town, this time in Carlow, I stumbled upon an adorable Chinese shop called "Little Surprise". It's on Castle Hill right next to Bramley's Jewelers. At the moment there is a 50% off sale and they cover everything! From handbags, pencil cases, stickers, jewelry, you name it they have it. 

One of the items I bought were these cute nail stickers:

Only 80 CENT!! Sure you can't go wrong!

I used this mint coloured nail polish as my base coat:

Then you just peel the stickers off the paper and carefully place them on your nails. Make sure to hold them down and give a good top coat over them to make them last as long as possible.

This is how they turned out:

Lovely! You can't beat the price! Get on down to the shop and pick some up yourself! CUTE!

: ) x

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