Stylish Irish Special!

Once in a while you come across someone in your life that just WOWs you with their style, their confidence and with the cleverness of how en-genius one can be with how they dress. This week we will have a closer look at one of these people, Miss Niamh Cunningham!

I met Niamh 5 years ago and immediately hit it off, we shared similar interests in music and fashion but one thing always made her stand out; her total confidence! She stands out from the crowd wherever she goes with her pitch black hair and lovely red lips. She's a real life russian doll. Her style is one thing that has remained consistant since the day I met her. She states she takes a wide range of influence from Dita Von Teese to one of her best pals Helen Kennedy. I popped by her apartment in Dublin city centre for a chat with her and have a root in her wardrobe:

~ Homemade pecan cupcakes and tea to welcomed me! ~

~ Lace table clothes and tealight candles. ~

~ My little pony and books. ~

 ~ Gloworm!! ~

and of course the soundtrack to my visit: 

I got to asking a Niamh a few questions about where and how she got her signature style:

What's your favourite shop in the universe?

Oh jesus, I'd say Garage in Berlin, it's part of the kleidermarkt, it's basically just a massive warehouse with all my dream items. I cold spend days there, its all vintage. Unreal stuff!

Your home is totally gorgeous, where do you get all your inspiration? 

I actually have my whole home basically based on my Aunties house, she's dutch, it's all very "random items on shelves that are just decoration pieces" and floral things, it's very clean, Ikea style but also homely. I like when people come in and it's a house and a home not clinical or uncomfortable. I also like shops like Avoca etc. but my recommendation is to go to the pound shop, for example I did the floral arch around the kitchen door using flowers from Moore Street and sellotape!

You live in town so for when you're buying clothing do you always go into the city centre?

No I get loads in Berlin, I get all my coats online because I hate when you see someone walking around with the same coat at winter, I keep seeing this one girl and she has the same Asos coat as me and I want to murder her! I shop quite a bit in 9crows too, I think that shop is awesome. There's a shop back home in Drogheda called Norrybeas which is brilliant, I love there, and obviously I go mental in the sales as all girls do. I die at Urban Outfitters sales.. You can rejig everything, my Mam used to make all her own clothes and my Dad showed me to sow so for stuff like getting a rotten maxi dress in in the sale for a euro, taking it up and hemming it, and making it into a brand new dress, all of that is from my parents.

Dress - €30 - Norrybeas Vintage
Brooch - €1.50 - Woolen Mills
Belt - €1.50 - Penneys
Shoes - €90 - Office

Dress - €10 - Garage (Berlin) - was floor length and Niamh took it up herself.
Shoes - €10 - Office on sale.

Dress - €45 - Norrybeas
Shoes - €20 - Office
Necklace - €60 - Disney Couture

Dress - €45 - Norrybeas
Necklace - €40 - Disney Couture
Shoes - €30 - Office

Skirt - €20 - Forever 21
Top - from Niamhs Mama
Shoes - €90 - Office

Niamh with her rabbit Otis!

Dress - £100 - Dolly Dare - London
Top - €2 - New Look (damaged so she got it for €2!!)
Shoes - €90 - Office

Niamh should be applauded for her brilliant style and her confidence for wearing what she wants, when she wants it!
Well done girlo, your an inspiration to all the rest of us.

:) x

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