Daisy Nailsy

With the coming of summer (as much of a summer as one can get in Ireland) I've decided to do some floral nails, and not just any floral, daisies! These nails took me 10 minutes to do and lasted the whole weekend!

All you need is: blue, white and yellow nail polish:

(these are the cheapest I could get)

One cotton bud:

( the best way to get even dots on the nails, instead of using a nail art pen, is to take the wool off the end of a cotton bud, this way you get perfect circles )

So I painted my nails blue first:

Then using the plastic end of the cotton bud, dip it in the yellow polish first and dot on SPARINGLY (too many dots means too many flowers, and it looks shite)

Finally, add 4/5 white dots around the yellow, make sure you let the yellow dry first!

Gorge Daisy nails!!

:) enjoy the summer! x

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