A Surprising Eye Primer!

 Given that us Ruby Fab girls are such party animals, we really need our make up to last as long as possible  so we don't look like complete ROTSERS at the end of a night out. Sometimes we just don't have the dosh to splash out on expensive eye primers, so whilst experimenting one day I found that my old reliable lip product doubled up as an unbelievable eye primer - voilà! 

The Body Shop's Coconut Lip Butter, doesn't only make your lips FAB it also smells divine. It is a moist product, so when using this as an eye primer only barely run your finger on its surface to apply on the eye lid. 

Once you have a very thin layer of the lip butter on your eyes simply apply your eye shadow of choice. Not only does your eye shadow stay on longer, but the colour appears more intense and there is an added  shimmer - hooray! If you are going to experiment with lip product as eye primer I would advise avoiding lip gloss (too sticky) and Vaseline (too oily). Stick with water or butter based moisturising lip product. This is by far the best product I have tried though. 

Not bad for a product that costs around €5 and makes both your eyes and lips fabulous!

<3 Laura

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