Love for Lush

Today I took a little trip after work to the nasally stimulating shop that is Lush on Grafton Street. I was on the search for a little treat after a heavy weekend of partying and I wanted something sweet and lovely, I was tempted by the giant bars of soap but none of them were sweet enough for me. (this coming from a girl that works all day with cupcakes, how can I not have reached my sugar fill?!). A really wonderfully helpful girl was right to my aid showing me the sweetest shower gels available, this one, called "It's Raining Men" its made of 80% Honey. I couldn't wait to get home and have a good scrub, and my God I cannot recommend this enough! Firstly the fact that Lush products are not tested on animals is a major win for me, this made my shower guilt free, there are no rotten chemicals in the products so I used it all over, including my face. 5 hours later, my skin is still moisturized and smelling of honey. For anyone that's looking for a shower gel with a long lasting girly scent I recommend this ten fold. For just under €10 it's worth it, believe me. 

Fingers crossed with this new honey skin of mine it really will start raining men ;)

Jess : ) x

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