DIY Dry Shampoo

If you like me and hear your alarm go off in the morning and think "I really should get up and have a shower, sure 20 more minutes won't matter, my hair will be grand one more day", you press snooze and of course 20 minutes later you are RAGING with yourself because your is like wet spaghetti, well dry shampoo is your new best mate!

You can buy dry shampoo in most chemists and they are approx €2 a can:

This brand is the best and smells yummy!

BUT!!!!!..... incase you run out or can't get to a chemist in time I have a DIY option:

For Blonde hair, trusted Johnston's Baby Power:

(seriously, I should be getting sponsored by them by now :P)

Simply dab a little on the roots of the hair, leave for about 30 seconds, turn your hair upside down and give it a good run through with your fingers, when you flip your head back you will be fresh headed vision of cleanliness!

For Brunettes.. The exact same procedure but this time use BRONZER!! (clever eh?)

*loose bronzing powder is better but this was all I had :(

So enjoy your day of glamourous flowing locks but remember to wash your hair when you get home, 2 days doing this process will leave you with a weird cake scalp. not. attractive.

: ] x

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