Pals in New York

I woke up this morning with America on my mind, I spoke to an old friend last night, she had lived in New York all summer and was missing it so much, so I decided on an I <3 NY style day, in dedication to my 'little sis' :] x

Here's my look: 

Sweater from Topshop - €32
Tights from Penneys - €2 
Shorts from Forever 21 - €12

Candy hair colours bought in Leeds.

(sorry about the mess of my bedroom, moving from Barcelona to Ireland is not an easy task)

Make Up inspiration for today is Iggy Azalea <3

(scrunchy face of course)

ALSO! I just realised my sweater is a copy from The Prodigy's "Firestarter" :O

My tip is to always invest in a statement piece, its great to have all your basics but for days when your feeling fun having a mental sweater or some gold hoops and a bandana can totally   lift your mood. Don't be afraid to dress how you like, anybody that has something bad to say is a waste of time. Be happy and dress like a nutcase!

:] x

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