Holy Moly

Incase you've been living under a pile of blankets with a blindfold on all summer you may have noticed that crosses have taken over every aspect of everything. So i decided to do some cross themed nails. 

Everything I used was all super cheap stuff and this was the outcome.. 

  1. Make sure before doing the polish you buff your nails, if they are too shiny the nail polish will crack off easily, buffing them means that the polish has something to hold onto.
  2. Always use a base coat, this stops your nails getting stained from wearing too much polish.
  3. Always do 2 coats of your base colour, this base colour is from Penneys and is quite washed out looking on just one coat. better safe then sorry!
  4. Wait until your nails are totally dry before adding the glitter, to check if they are totally dry dab them with the tip of a pin, if you can see the marks of the pin then your nails are still wet!
  5. doing the cross is easy now, just use a house hold permanent marker, or better yet if you have it liquid eyeliner, try make the lines as straight as possible , when it's done spray your cross with hairspray, this holds the pattern down!
  6. one top coat is all thats needed to stick your jewels on, I find using a tweezers the best to add jewels on, but don't try grab them with the tweezers, they will pop away, simply lick the end of the tweezers and use it to dab onto the jewels, they stick to your spit and BAM, you can stick them straight onto your nails.
  7. when its all dry do one final topcoat and there you are. Fab nails!

Pink nail polish 'Angelica', colour 'Heartbreaker' from Pennys. €2.
Purply 'Hello Kitty' glitter polish from H&M €1
Black permanent marker to do the cross
Nail jewels from the Pound Shop on Liffey Street, Dublin. €1

Total cost €4 and I feel fab.

: ]

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