Cupcake Cupache

My life has been surrounded by cupcakes recently, I just got a new job as the manager of a cupcake shop in Dublin, Lolly and Cooks,  and everywhere I look I see cupcakes! Hence why it's time for some CUPCAKE NAILS!!

I could of gone very fancy on these bad boys but as I said, I am the manager so time is tight for me recently!

Ok so fist of all you need 3 pastel shades of polish and one red/plum colour:

Most of these polished are from the Pound Shop, you don't have to go fancy for these!

Pick the colour you want as the base of your cake and paint HALF-WAY down the nail:

(very vile looking)

Now pick the colour you'd like for your icing and literally blob it on, be as messy as you like, if it's in a straight line it WILL look shite:

Do two layers of the icing for a more realistic effect.

Now time for some detail, the sprinkles! I found the best way to add little lines was to use the plastic from a price tag:

Using the thin end dip, it in the colour you want for your sprinkles and brush in different directions over your icing:

(sorry for the shit pic)

Ok finally you can add your cherry on top with one bigger blob! 

unrealllll! and for some other spins on cupcake nails here is some inspiration:

:) x

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