DIY: Fabulous Floral Headband

You know Spring is here once you see the floral prints creeping back into shops, and my God they are back! With both high fashion and high street brands all embracing the typical Springtime print, there is no way to avoid it. SO LOVE IT! It's fun, colourful and pretty. You don't have to go mental and wear a full floral gown, why not try jeans, a cute t shirt and a floral headband? Floral headbands have been massive recently, no doubt due to the influence of Lana Del Rey, but who are we to complain? they are gorgeous!

They are available in loads of places in town from a range of prices, but to go for the big full on fabulous floral headband at a low price your going to have to do some DIY!

What you'll need is:

Individual bunches of plastic flowers. €1.50
These can be bought from all of the Pound shops on Talbot Street

Get 3/4 bunches of all your fave colours:

A strong pair of scissors:

A headband with a plait in it, this one is from Penneys for €1:

Choose from each bunch your favourite flowers, you'll need about 10 for this:

Cut the stem of the flower, all of these stems will have wire in them, so the best way is to give them a little cut and bend the stem until it snaps, leave enough stem for attaching the flower to the headband:

(all of my cut flowers:)

Line the flowers up in the order you'd like them to be on your head:

Slide the stem through the plait of the headband:

Bend over the stem once:

And continue to fold the stem over until there is no wire stem protruding:

Continue to do this until you're happy with your arrangement and the amount of flowers on the headband:


Lana Del Rey eat your heart out!! Affordable, seasonal and completely fabulous!

Jess : ) x

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