Quality Quiff

Ok so I've been embracing the quiff quite a bit recently and people have been asking how I do it, so here goes.

The best time to do a quiff is when your hair is a bit greasy and easier to handle. When your hair is only washed it can be a bit fine and fly-away so it is harder to manage.

You will need:
One head of not-so-fresh hair
Strong hair spray
A tail comb

Step 1 - pull forward the front section of your hair using your tail comb. The bigger the quiff you want, the more hair you should take down. Take the rest of your hair up into a pony tail. To avoid the front section being taken into the pony tail tie a separate bobbin around it or use a clip.

Step 2 - back comb the front section of your hair until you look like a crazy person! Back comb the hair underneath rather than the hair that's facing outwards.

Step 3 - twist the end of your front section into a point.

Step 4 - take the point of your front section and pull it back and position it.

Step 5 - pin your section in place, spray it and smooth it over with your hands.
Step 6 - back comb your pony tail (as you can see I am a fan of the back combing).

Step 7 - twist your pony up into a messy bun. You can use a doughnut to crate a neater look.


Fab hair in five minutes.

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