Ice Cream Pastels - How Tasty!

One of the most obvious trends for Spring/Summer 2012 is ice cream pastels. Fab. Strolling through Dublin's high street stores, the colours are quite unmissable. Penneys is full of unreal blouses, blazers, shoes and accessories - all embracing chalky ice cream shades. Going through my make-up I realised I had a TONNE of bright neon lipsticks. I had to transform them into ice cream yumminess to coordinate with the 7 million pastel items I had picked up on Henry Street. Simple.

All you need is a bright lipstick and a thick foundation or concealer. For this post I used Barry M in Vibrant Pink available in Boots or Superdrug for €6 and Max Factor's Pan Stick (the old reliable) available in Boots and Doc Morris pharmacies for €10.95 (and it lasts practically your whole life).

The lipstick is quite pretty untouched!

BUT this was about making it ice creamy!
Mix your chosen lipstick with your foundation and with a good lip brush (or in Ruby Fab's case a cotton bud) apply generously. I HAVE UNREAL LIPS!
This can be done with any bright/neon colour to adapt your product for this season. BANG on trend.

These looks are quite delicate - peaches, lavenders and pinks. You can go a tad further and go for greens, blues and yellows.
Happy ice-creaming!

Laura <3

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