Two - Be - Fabulous

So you may have noticed Rubyfabulous hasn't been updated too much as of late, this is due to working mental hours and being a hungover vile zombie on the weekends. So the decisions has been made: Rubyfabulous is now a duo!!! This is so the site can be updated more and we can help you to be as fab as possible all the time :P

This is my lovely best pal Laura Wall, she will be looking after such things as 'Bargain Spotting', product reviews, make-up tips and so on. I'll still be doing the crafty DIY sections and you can ask us anything through our facebook page which is on the right hand side of the page :D also can you please follow us on twitter @soRubyFabulous

Laura in an old school Lazy Oaf jumper having some Sunday drinks : )

I'm so delighted to have her on board, we have lived together for the last few months and basically have realised we are soulmates.

This is about 3 years ago!

Our house-warming party!

For some reason I had massive boobs that night!

Bad Vs Good!

Jazzy Gin Sunday!

Friday night BBQ!

: ) x

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