High Impact Lashes from the High Street!

We girls LOVE to flutter our eye lashes and these days it's all about the false effect. Sometimes we just don't have the time to be applying lash strips yet we still want an impressive flutter. I found a Topshop voucher from Christmas that I was sure I lost (score!) so I decided to spend some of it on mascara as I was only surviving on dredges. 

Topshop are stocking a new cosmetics brand - Sisters of the New Moon - and the packaging is so pretty, so I was drawn in immediately. I picked up the dreamy pastel mascara box; Lash Catcher (in black), and proceeded to the check out. 

The wand is sturdy and the brush is smaller than brushes on mascaras that I have used recently. I found it was easy to control your application and reach corners without worrying about marking around the lash area. I loved the pigment, and after one coat you immediately have a nice curl and increased volume. The mascara has an extremely smooth texture, leaving no clumps. It spreads very easily so you really don't have to use a lot. The product is not perfumed and it's scent is quite natural.

At €15 this high street mascara isn't necessarily "cheap" but it's worth a purchase on pay day or when you have a voucher like me! It beats high-end mascaras that I have used in the past. 

Happy fluttering <3

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